See how the solution we've developed is not only more robust than general purpose FEA codes, but also more accurate as it realistically captures the failure progression of a composite.

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Firehole Composites Analysis & Simulation Webinar Series

Firehole Composites Webinar Series

Firehole provides expert analysis, modeling and simulation of composite structures. Our team of analysts are specialized in composite materials and are extensively trained in finite element analysis. Our mission is to provide tools and services to enable the widespread application of composite materials.

Simulating Effects of Defects and Damage in Composite Structures (27 minutes)

Simulating Effects of Defects and Damage in Composite Structures

What is a structure's residual strength in the presence of damage or defects? How does this change with varying location, failure mode, or degree of damage?

'In a recent webinar, Firehole demonstrated how Helius:MCT multiscale progressive failure analysis can effectively simulate the effects of common defects or damages found in composite structures. This brief 30-minute webinar highlights capabilities for:

  • Understanding how the location of a disbond can affect the response of a "stringer run out"
  • Simulating Barely Visible Impact Damage (BVID) in a skin-stringer structure
  • Determining the residual strength of composites with visible damage (VID)

Presented by: Emmett Nelson, Firehole Composites

Helius:MCT 4.0 with Cohesive (43 minutes)

With its new Cohesive functionality, Helius:MCT is able to predict the onset of matrix cracking and the initiation and propagation of delamination.

Webinar topics include:

  • Why composite delamination is difficult to simulate
  • Different delamination analysis techniques: Cohesive Zone Modeling and VCCT
  • Coupling in-plane with out-of-plane simulation
  • Demonstrations of Helius:MCT 4.0 Cohesive functionality on skin stringer components, open hole coupons, scarf joints and more

Presented by: Dr. Don Robbins, Firehole Composites

CompositePro Version 4 (1 hour, 2 minutes)

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  • Why DeWayne sold CompositePro
  • Refined user interface
  • Fast and easy to use
  • Proven results
  • Industry example

Download Full Presentation (.wmv, 51.62MB)

Presented by: DeWayne Howell, Peak Composites

Superior Composite Design with CompositePro V4.0 (53 minutes)

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  • Introduction to the New CompositePro
  • CompositePro modules
  • What’s new in Version 4.0?
  • Practical examples

Download Full Presentation (.wmv, 51.62MB)

Presented by: DeWayne Howell, Peak Composites

Improving the Accuracy of Composites FE Analysis (30 minutes)

  • Challenges associated with composites Finite Element Analysis (FEA)
  • Tips and best practices for creating better composite models
  • Improving simulation accuracy using Progressive Failure and Multiscale approaches

Download Full Presentation for RealPlayer (.flv, 50MB)
Slides - Improving the Accuracy of Composites FE Analysis (.pdf, 3.2MB)

Presented by:
Emmett Nelson
Bill Wright

FE Analysis of Structures with Woven Composites (30 minutes)

  • Unique considerations for woven composites
  • Why traditional analysis approaches fail
  • Using Helius:MCT for accurate models of woven composites

Download Full Presentation for RealPlayer (.flv, 38MB)
FE Analysisof Structures with Woven Composites (.pdf, 4.2MB)

Presented by:
Emmett Nelson
Jerad Stack

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