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Firehole has teamed with Safe Technology, developers of fe-safe™, the leading durability analysis software for finite element models, to develop fe-safe/Composites™, a unique and advanced solution enabling the fatigue analysis of composite materials.

Predicting fatigue life in composites is challenging because even simple load states lead to complex behavior in the individual fiber and matrix constituents. Furthermore, the effects of frequency and load history can only be dealt with adequately by using a physics-based approach.

fe-safe/Composites meets these challenges head-on by combining multicontinuum technology with kinetic theory of fracture to introduce a game-changing technology for fatigue life prediction in composite structures.

fe-safe/Composites provides the only commercial solution available that can extract constituent stresses for use with physics-based fatigue theories without substantial computational cost or the need for exotic material data.

Read more about the composite fatigue technology in fe-safe/Composites.


fe-safe/Composites is an accurate method for predicting composites fatigue for unidirectional composites that:

  • Is a robust and computationally efficient tool for predicting fatigue life in unidirectional composite structures

  • Predicts lamina-level fatigue life at every integration point in a FE model

  • Employs the kinetic theory of fracture as a physics-based method for predicting fatigue using the calculated matrix stress

  • Naturally accounts for the effects of frequency, mean stress and combined loading

  • Requires only standard, static material properties and minimal fatigue characterization data

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